Girlfriend Experience (GFE) and outcall services are well related. You can't do one without the other one. But is it safe for escorts to always go to the hotel room indicated by the client?

Today we will talk about some positive and negative aspects of the hotel escort service, which means when the companion needs to go to the hotel room.

We will first talk about the positive side of going to the hotel room:

1. Escorts always choose their clients and their places to go. If an escort doesn't like the hotel or she thinks her client has unusual behaviour when they talk on the phone, she can clearly deny his offer. It's all about safety, not about money.

2. If everything is alright with the clients, the escort can come to her customer's hotel room and offer him a great night. I think this way they both avoid questions and people's malicious eyes. All the time spent together is hidden from the world.

3. They can have a romantic date, dimming the lights and enjoying some quality time together, without people judging them. This is a very intimate and private way to recreate your body and mind.

4. What is a great place to have a sensual massage if not in a hotel room? Yes, you may say a massage room is perfect, but not many people want to go into this kind of salon. The comfort of their hotel room is everything they need to take off their inhibitions.

5. Sometimes, a foreign place like a hotel room is the best place for an escort to come. The client or the companion can make a pleasant atmosphere, ready to be filled up with passion. Discretion is another main reason why an escort should go to the client's hotel room.

6. It's an easy way to meet up with your escort. She knows the city and she will probably know better than you how to get to your hotel. After you have met, you can then go and have your special adventure.

The negative side will follow and it will include these reasons why it is not best for an escort to come to the client's hotel room:

1. The escort never knows what kind of person is behind that door. We all have heard about escort abuse in the hotel room, that's why she needs to take some safety precautions like announcing another person her location and her session time. This is a great way to feel safe.

2. The escorts need to discuss a lot of terms and conditions with her clients because she simply can't carry all her clothes or sex toys to the hotel room. She will only have her strictly necessary and nothing more.

3. If you are a VIP escort and don't want to be seen going into the cheapest hotel in your city, probably a hotel room is not the best choice for you to be.

4. Sometimes, the hotel in which the client is accommodated is located in a bad neighbourhood or some kilometres away from the city so unless the escort or the booking agency has a car to cover up her expenditures, it is not worth the investment.