Today I want to share with you one of the most intense experiences I have ever had. It was a nice cold evening, I was relaxing in my bed when suddenly the phone rang. It was one of my best, favourite clients and every time he calls I feel little shivers down my spine because he isn't just an ordinary client, we have a special connection.

My name is Noemy, I am a high-class VIP escort and today I will tell you my spanking story. What is spanking? It is part of the BDSM practice, a special, unique technique used to punish people who don't obey dominators rules.

As I said, it was a cold evening when he called. Usually, I am the one who offers my clients new experiences, but with this special man, I am the one who enjoys new adventures every time we meet. He is a very dominant man and he has an adventurous spirit and an intelligent, brilliant mind which keeps me really focused on our task. He is a tall, respected, imposing man who always gets what he wants.

I went to his hotel room, the lights were dimmed and there was a powerful scent of chocolate, this ambience anticipated a great night ahead. And it was true. I was getting undressed when I heard his voice telling me to get on the bed. I did as he said and then I saw him coming to me. He then started to tie my arms and legs to the bed.

"Were you a good girl?", he asked me while slowly stroking his whip. I answered "Yes"; he spanked my bottom and said "I don't think I heard it good. Where you a good girl?"; "Yes!"; "Yes what?"; "Yes, master"; "There is my little good girl. Did you miss me? Did you miss my touches? My body? My whispers? Have you learned your lesson?"

At that moment the only thing that was going through my mind was that I want him badly to spank me. I have a desire to be punished by him and I really wanted to say that I didn't learn my lesson this time so that he will spank me again, but I didn't say a thing. He left for a couple of minutes and I was alone thinking about the pleasure that will come when he will return. I love his dominant attitude and his BDSM practice is so passionate, it really makes us want more. I can see he likes me and he is the only man who controls me. I have so much to learn from him to improve my BDSM sessions with other clients. Sometimes, for the best results, you need to become the student, not the teacher.

He returned to me, untied me and he started to violently massage my breasts and my whole body. After a couple of minutes, he stopped "This is it for tonight. We will see again when I will call you. Be safe."

I dressed myself up and left the hotel room. My mind was confused; it was an exciting adventure, full of passion and pleasure. This is my mood every time I leave his hotel room. I am confused, yet really happy. I love this experience!